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Traditional Cask Ale

Following the successful introduction of our first Traditional Cask Ale line, in 2008, we have now been able to steadily increase the number of products offered to our customers, to the extent that there are now often up to four such ales to choose from at any one point in time. The brands are continually rotated and usually include such popular names as JENNINGS CUMBERLAND, BLACK SHEEP, WELLS BOMBARDIER, DEUCHARS IPA, MARSTONS PEDIGREE, BATEMANS XB, YOUNGS PA, OLD SPECKLED HEN, RUDDLES COUNTY, TETLEY, BODDINGTONS, COURAGE DIRECTORS. We are also open to suggestions and requests from our customers as to other cask ales that they would like us to host and try here.

In November 2009, we were proudly awarded a CERTIFICATE OF EXCELLENCE from the Independent Inspection Organisation, CASK MARQUE. This is in recognition of our quality cellar standards that enable us to serve our customers with ales of the correct temperature, appearance, aroma and taste.